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Rock County Elections

Which seats will be contested in the Spring 22018 election?SE

Rock County Board of Supervisors Election

Seven seats on the County Board are being contested this spring. They are in Districts 3, 4, 6, 15, 23, 26, and 29, and the candidates are:

District 3

Sandra Kraft (Incumbent)

Danette Rynes (Challenger)

Matt McIntyre (Challenger)

District 4

Mary Mawhinney (Incumbent)

Tracy thompson (Challenger)

District 6 (seat is open)

Evelyn Propp

Robert Potter

District 15

Linda Garrett (Incumbent)

Yuri Rashkin (Challenger)

District 23 (seat is open)

Craig Gramke

Mike Sheridan

District 26

Mario Bullock (Challenger)

Dave Homan (Incumbent)

Vicki L. Brown (Challenger)

District 29

Karl Dommershausen (Incumbent)

Tom Brien (Challenger)